Whipping Up a Storm at Logan

Patrick Logan was the head honcho of the Moreton Bay region when Brisvegas was just plain old Brissie town and from all reports he was a fair and reasonable man who liked nothing better than flaying into the local convicts with a cat-o-nine tails when any one of those poor wretches stepped out of line – although just casting an eye in the direction of Paddy’s missus was enough to earn yourself 50 lashes as well. Just to show there were no hard feelings, the powers that be concluded that the best way to posthumously reward good old Patrick for his zeal was to name a road and a city after him.  What has all this got to do with Kickstart playing at Logan Diggers last Saturday night? Not much really but it sort of ties the title in nicely with the story and also there is a fair chance that Mr. Logan would have had a field day with his whip at this particular establishment. Great to see all the regulars and a few newbies as well and we’ll be back in December with some more Classic Rock and maybe a hot poker or two just for good luck.