Beenleigh’s Finest Rock to the Sounds of Kickstart

Just another Friday night in downtown, mainstreet Beenleigh with 4 carloads of blue uniforms making sure that the locals don’t drink the three pubs dry – a community service that the guys from the band thoroughly endorse. To all the fun-loving funksters at the Royal Hotel – we hope we pleased you! It had to be a record for us with 3 requests delivered no trouble at all. Not being one of those ‘karaoke plus guitars’ type bands that pull songs out of a laptop we have to actually learn what we play and also make sure that requests are delivered to a reasonable standard not some crappy half-baked version that sounds nothing like the original, so it is great when we can fulfill peoples wishes and be thanked for it. If the band could wish for one thing it would be to implore management at this fine establishment not to get the ‘renovation bug’ that every other place has at the moment and to leave the room as it is cos it’s a mighty fine sounding room according to Mike the Mixmaster. No pics were taken at this gig so if you were there and you weren’t supposed to be then you’re ok.