Last Shout at the Stockman’s Bar “Ekka 2009”

You know the Ekka’s back in town when people wear hats the size that if caught in a brief shower of rain the runoff from them would fill your average sized swimming pool in about 10 minutes. Some are so big that they create a sort of ‘nuclear winter’ effect on areas of the Earth that fall under their massive shade. At night time and particularly in the Stockman’s Bar at the Brissie Show they become a must have and wear fashion item for both the genuine boys from the bush and the pretenders from the big smoke. The closest most of these urban cowboys have been to the bush is watching repeat episodes of the Farmer Wants a Missus on cable. Even the band got into a bit of pretending with the hat wearing thing although there is some form there with vocalist/keyboardist Chris being an accomplished horse rider … we’ve never actually seen her ride a hayburner but she does have a large collection of whips and spurs which we assume is used for that purpose.

The gigs themselves were great and a heap of fun particularly the first Friday night which from all reports was the biggest night in living memory anyone could remember happening at the Stockman’s … well at least for several years anyway. We also had front row seats to the nightly big bang theory so what more could you want.