If this doesn’t get the economy moving then 900 bucks is unlikely to do the trick either! We’re talking about Kickstart’s fabulously fantastic Aussie Rock Tribute which will be featured at their Friday 24th July show at Arana Leagues Club. Come along and relive some great baby boomer backseat moments (or front seat if you happened to drive a VW) at the recently renovated Arana Leagues Club at Keperra. This is not a show where 50s/60s R&R types will come along to (although they’re very welcome of course), sit on a luke warm glass of water and then hog the dance floor all night … no siree, we’re talkin’ 70’s/80’s hard drinkin’ type punters who love their Aussie Rock. The likes of Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, The Divinyls, The Choirboys, The Sunny Boys, Hunters and Collectors … try jiving to that lot! We’ll even throw in a bit of Kiwi stuff just to keep the neighbours happy … or should that be heppy?

This is not a tribute show per se where you pay $20 at the door, maybe hear a couple of numbers that you like then have to sit through a whole heap of songs that you didn’t even know that the featured artist had in their repertoire. All the songs in Kickstart’s great Aussie Tribute Show hit the mark straight away and you’ll be out doing the dance floor shuffle before you can say “Barnsey’s a bloody legend!” .. or words to that effect.

It’s all happening at Arana Leagues Club on Friday 24th July 2009 commencing at 8:00pm (Aussie Rock tribute starts at approximately 10:00pm) so come along and bring your friends and if you don’t have any friends then make some and bring them along cos it’s gonna be great!

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