Kickstart attack at Sharks

Commencing in September, Kickstart will be playing monthly gigs at the mighty Shark’s Football Club at Southport. Come along for your regular dose of 70s, 80s & 90s rock with the added incentive of some great Aussie Rock from the 70s and 80s as well (or should that be also?) No matter because what really matters is having a great night out listening and dancing to a great range of music from the 70s to the present (you don’t really want to be stuck in the 50s and 60s forever do you?). The best thing about all this is that it’s completely live, yep that’s right, no pre-recorded backings, no midi-files, no heavenly choirs, just the band rocking out and yes even the mistakes are live as they happen although the band tries to keep them to an absolute minimum.

Come along and enjoy the Oz Rock Tribute show that will definitely bring back a truck load of back seat memories to all you baby boomers and maybe a few of generation ‘x’ as well. Some of the iconic Aussie artists paid tribute to include – Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, The Divinyls, Hunters and Collectors, The Sunny Boys (remember them?), The Choir Boys, and a heap of others. We even toss in a few Kiwi songs just to keep the mob from across the dutch happy. You’ll be happy too because this is not a tribute show that you would normally shelve out $20-$30 of your hard-earned for … no siree, it’s just a part of our regular performance so it’s definitely a  win/win situation.  

Saturday 19th September is when it all kicks off or Kickstarts if you will … so do yourself the ultimate favour and be at Southport Sharks on 19th September 2009 and then after that on a monthly basis. Check out the website gig guide for all the details.