Free Beer!!

… stubby holders. Yep that’s right, KICKSTART are presently giving away absolutely free of charge at selected gigs, these magnificent stubby/can holders displaying the band’s logo and website details (see photo below). How does one go about obtaining one of these ‘must have’ items which would be a very welcome addition to any bar or liquor cabinet? Firstly, you have to be at a venue where we’re playing and where we’ve actually remembered to bring them along to the gig; secondly it helps if you’re over 183 cm tall (6feet if you’re still living in the sixties) and can take a high catch, as the favoured delivery method by the band to the crowd of this unique little item is the hand grenade toss. If you’re vertically challenged and the only thing you’ve caught lately is herpes then don’t despair because there is another way of obtaining one of these great little coolers – just come up to the band (preferably during a break) and ask if you can have one and if we’ve got any left then we’ll give you one … too easy! Only one cooler per person and stocks are limited so be quick before they all go … before they all go to the band and others who can’t seem to keep their hands off them!! A truly remarkable piece of workmanship went into the making of these holders and the good part is that it was all done here in Oz.  The company that produced these promotional stubby/drink holders for KICKSTART can be found at the following link   These guys gave us excellent service with fast turn around and all at a very competitive price.

Please note: Stubby not included in giveaway