For Auld Lang Syne (and Others)

Bobby Burns would have been mightly impressed – for those not in the know he’s the skirted up dude from the land of lake monsters and mighty fine scotch who wrote this sad little ditty which we all attempt to “sing” for reasons unknown, after assembling in what might be loosely called a circle around about a tick after 12 midnight on 1st of January every year. After that impressive little display people then carry on as though it’s the end of the world and there becomes a great need to hug, kiss, pole-dance on everyone in close proximity. For all those patrons at Twin Towns Services Club and other venues close to the Qld/NSW border it’s a double whammy and we all get to go again with the circling, singing, kissing and hugging bit. It makes you wonder what happens on the Qld/NSW/SA border where there are three time zones. Anyway the important thing is that the punters perform this little ritual … twice … and then they’re only too happy to get back into the classic rock. A great night and thanks go to our production team of Mike and Ray.