Brothers (and Sisters) Rock at Ipswich

What a fantastic night at the newly refurbished “O Bar” at Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich. A sizeable group of very appreciative punters had a great night and true to form there were calls for the band to do an encore or two at the end which we were only too happy to oblige. The new stage area is quite a good size by today’s standards and yes there’s even a small “band area” at the side for storing gear and getting changed – well at least it’s better than trying to do it over a toilet bowl – getting changed that is not storing gear. Good to see that on the Brothers website that they are one of the few venues that actually get our name right. No it’s not KickStart or Kick Start or Kick-start or Kicks tart or Hello John Got a New Motor … uh uh, it’s simply Kickstart.