Across The Waves and Far Away

A couple of hundred years or so ago some pommie geezer (Phillip or whatever he called himself) brought a few boatloads of convicts to our fair shores, raised a flag up a pole, fired off a few rounds at the local spectators and then said “Break out the Bundy Rum me hearties – let’s party!” That little gig has now become a day to celebrate and celebrate they do in the fair city where that sweet drop of nectar had its origins. Yesiree bob, up Bundaberg way and particularly at Across the Waves Sports Club true blue Aussies like to celebrate long and hard with a Bundy and coke or three while listening to some great classic rock. The band was happy to oblige for 2 nights and a great time was had by all. The all Aussie set was a big winner with the punters and even had the bar staff rocking and singing and wishing thay were on the other side of the bar. Bill the bassey brought his new toy along and had great fun with the locals who couldn’t fathom out why his guitar wasn’t trailling a very very long lead when he was off wandering around the room listening to the sound. Great couple of nights guys and thanks for all the nice comments.